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Why InboxWP?

InboxWP ensures all your mission-critical emails such as — Password Reset Emails, Sign Up Emails, Course Completion Emails, order confirmation emails are delivered reliably and effortlessly.

Get a complete solution for all your WordPress transactional emails without breaking a sweat.

Configure all system emails from a single place

Forget all common email-sending issues

Fully white-labeled, with 99.5% delivery rate

Handles all WordPress emails reliably

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Handle all emails sent from your WordPress website with detailed email log

Works seamlessly with any WordPress plugin that sends email, including forms, eCommerce (WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads & more), memberships, etc.

A 1-click solution to reliably handle all WordPress transactional emails (Please use a dedicated email marketing platform such as weMail for mass email marketing)

Excellent deliverability with InboxWP’s secure & reputable sending servers.

99.5% high delivery rate. consistent with all emails clients

Affordable yet provides an exceptional value

Always land on customers’ inboxes

Get conversion, not frustration

InboxWP is responsible for delivering default WordPress emails, e-commerce receipts, form submissions, or other action-based notifications – with a 99.5% success rate

Build Your Own Brand of Emails

Using our secure, reliable, and scalable service, you can send emails fully white-labeled and be assured that your messages will always be delivered to inboxes, not to spam folders.

Setup is as easy as ABC

InboxWP is simple and easy to use and can be set up in minutes. Sign up for InboxWP, connect your domain from the dashboard, and boom! Start delivering every email via InboxWP.

You’re in control

Find accurate data on all emails sent from your website. The email log shows the number of all sent, delivered, and failed emails and reasons so that you can update your settings accordingly.

Maximum deliverability

Ensures your WordPress transactional emails are always delivered reliably

24/7 Professional Support

Our dedicated support team is available around the clock to assist you

Get Started in 1-Click

A minimalistic user interface to help you get started in minutes

Powerful Integrations

InboxWP plays nicely with popular email marketing plugins

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