Best Ways to Create Shipping Confirmation Emails (Plus Examples and Tips)

Best Ways to Create Shipping Confirmation Emails (Plus Examples and Tips)

Shipping confirmation emails are transactional emails and have a considerably high open rate. They create comfort in a customer’s mind. As a marketer, you can uplift your customer relationship with it.

And, in this article, we will be showing you the best ways to leverage your shipping emails and win it like a pro.

Shipping confirmation emails and the possibility

Suppose, you ordered something online (Exm – the latest best-seller from Stephen King) yesterday, and waiting. You love SK so much that waiting for the new adventure is hard for you. Though you keep patience.

And, suddenly you receive an email from the seller. It says – ‘Hi Jude, Your book is shipped. It’s on the way!’

That simple message is going to make you more than happy, right?

Well, as an email marketer, shipping confirmation emails creates a big opportunity for newer possibilities. Like, selling a related product, showing reviews, asking customers to share your content, and much more.

What makes a good shipping email


In this section, we are going to point out the elements that are essential for a better shipping confirmation email –

1. Subject line matters

Writing compelling subject lines for shipping emails is crucial to ensure your customers open and engage with the emails. Here are some tips to help you craft better subject lines for shipping emails –

Keep it Clear and Concise

Make sure the subject line indicates the purpose of the email. Use concise language to convey that the email contains shipping information.

Include Key Information

In the subject line, mention essential details like the order number, tracking number, or estimated delivery date to pique the recipient’s interest.

Manifests Urgency

Use words that create a sense of urgency or excitement, encouraging recipients to open the email immediately.

Like this – “Hurry, Your Package Is On Its Way!”

Highlight Tracking Information

If the primary purpose of the email is to provide tracking information, make that clear in the subject line.

Be Honest and Accurate

Avoid using clickbait or misleading subject lines. Ensure that the subject accurately represents the content of the email.

Test and Analyze

Run A/B tests to determine which subject lines perform better with your audience. Analyze open rates and adjust your approach accordingly.

Some striking shipping email subject line examples

  1. Your Order Has Shipped: Get Ready for Delivery!
  2. Track Your Package: Order #12345 En Route
  3. Exciting News: Your Shipment Is on Its Way!
  4. Your Order Is in Motion: Track Its Progress!
  5. Good News: Your Shipment Is en Route!
  6. Watch Your Mailbox: Your Package Is on Its Way
  7. Unbox the Joy: Your Shipment Is on Its Way

These subject lines incorporate various elements such as personalization, urgency, excitement, and tracking information to engage recipients and encourage them to open the email.

2. How the opening of the email should be like

opening message of the email matters

The next thing is how your user interacts with the email opening. It makes the first impressions. If it works, you are game.

Take a look at the examples of the above emails from GOAR STORY. They have simply put the first line under the brand logo – “Your order was shipped!”

What’s the next most notable thing here? It’s the message they include. The copy evokes emotions and impressions that they care for that particular customer.

How to improve your email opening

What is the best practice for a winning email opening for shipping confirmation? You can follow this right away –

Personalization: Start your email with the recipient’s name if possible. Personalization makes the email feel more individualized and less like a generic mass message.

Use a Hook: Begin with a hook that piques the recipient’s curiosity or interest. A clip can be a question, a surprising fact, or a thought-provoking statement related to the email’s content.

Address Pain Points or Needs: Address a problem or need that the recipient might have, showing that your email provides a solution or valuable information.

Use Power Words: You can incorporate persuasive and emotive words that evoke strong feelings or curiosity.

Keep it Short: While opening statements can be engaging, they should also be concise. Avoid lengthy introductions and get to the point quickly.

Remember that the key to a successful email opening is to be relevant, and engaging, and to set the stage for the content that follows. It’s essential to align your opening with the overall message and purpose of your email.

3. Shipping Information

The next thing is to place shipping information in the right place in the email body. A shipping email should be nuanced and focused, so you have limited space to do the trick here.

Here’s how you can put the shipping update info to the customer –

Product tracking update

Let the user track their order. You can add a section where user see where their order is right now. Including a live tracking link would be beneficial in such cases.

Just question yourself, how many times do you return to check the live link while an order is on the way? In my case, it’s several times.

What’s in the bag

Mention the product details like product images, quantity, batch number, product color, weight, detailed costing info, etc. It will have a good impact on the customers.

Estimated delivery date is important

After you’ve added tracking updates and product details, an estimated date of delivery can set the right expectation to receive it from the customer end. Also, it helps her/him to make arrangements to receive the product even if they are not available at the time.

Information about the courier and the receiver

You can include the receiver and the delivery man’s information for safety reasons. As there are email and SMS scams always around the corner. Besides that, this information helps both parties to contact each other if needed during the delivery process.

4. Closing of the shipping email

Not that most users check the closing part of a shipping email. However, adding some must-have information is helpful and courteous.

You can end your email with the following things – Related links, social media sharing option, branding information, customer support number, etc.

How to create the best shipping confirmation email in 2023

Shiping Email Tips

Well, now that you know what the key elements of a good shipping email are, it’s time to check the tips for how to create or write a winning one –

1. Use an email marketing platform that suits you

If you are already using an email marketing platform, you are all good to start creating your shipping email right away,

If not, get your business the most fitting email marketing tools that align with your budget and scope. For example, if you have a WordPress-based business site, InboxWP is a great choice for sending trigger-based shipping emails with customized designs.

2. Keep your message on point

You won’t find much room in a shipping confirmation email. Keeping it simple and precise is a must. It’s the best practice among all the top brands. Yes, there is huge potential for adding a few things to upsell or branding, but the placement of the elements is crucial here.

So, the first thing is to pitch the shipping information, and don’t make it a mess is the wise formula.

3. Go for personalization

Personalization plays a big role in creating an engaging and user-centric shipping email. This would be initiated by addressing the user name to the browsing history, behavior, product preferences, etc.

Some best practices for personalization in email marketing are –

  • Use the Recipient’s Name
  • Reference the Specific Order
  • Location-Based Information
  • Personalized Product Recommendations
  • Review Request
  • Loyalty Program Information
  • Birthday or Anniversary Messages

Though, you don’t have much space to add too many items, keep in mind that shipping confirmation is a very personal and formal interaction, and only personalization can improve its quality.

4. Put a thank you note

Expressing your gratitude always creates a sense of happiness and trust. Here’s how Etsy did it –

put a thank you note on shipping email

So, in your shipping email, it’s a good way to show appreciation by adding a thank you note.

5. Recommend additional product

People need transactional emails, and the open rate is 80-85% which is higher than most types of marketing emails. It’s all the same for shipping confirmation emails, and customer are looking to it to track their ordered product.

This opens up a big chance to sell more relevant products. You can do it by displaying similar product recommendations. You can get inspiration even from a formidable brand like Apple –

Recommend additional product in shipping email

6. Promote loyalty/referral program

It’s a good thing to create a loyalty program or referral program for your brand. And, in most cases, you add your regular customers (who purchase frequently or have the potential to buy more) to these programs.

What could be the best place than shipping email to promote the thing? A shipping email means someone gets the shipping updates of a product he/she ordered.

And, on that email, you can ask them to join the loyalty program or refer a friend to earn points and get extra discounts, etc. It’s that simple.

Take a look at this example from Feals –

7. Make your shipping emails mobile-responsive

Mobile responsiveness is an unavoidable thing for shipping confirmations. Inevitably, most people open their shipping emails from their mobile phones. And likewise, they keep tracking within a few clicks.

For mobile-friendly email design, you must comply with the popular mobile operating system like Android and iOS.

5 Best shipping confirmation email examples to learn now

The best shipping emails are focused and creative at the same time. Take a look at the following shipping confirmation email examples to get inspiration –

1. Postable

2. Patagonia

3. Cometeer

4. Tradesy

5. Recess

Final thoughts

Sending highly interactive and user-friendly shipping emails can improve your customer relationship. We believe the aforementioned tips and shipping email examples help you to create your own.

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