Figuring out the InboxWP dashboard

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Figuring out the InboxWP dashboard

InboxWP has a nice and lucrative dashboard to provide you with all the data related to WordPress transactional email. Such as how many emails are delivered, hard-bounced emails, spam complaints, etc.

After you install InboxWP on your WordPress site, you’ll be redirected to its dashboard. You’ll get the same dashboard on the backend and front end.

The backend dashboard gives an overview of your delivered WordPress transactional emails. The frontend dashboard gives more data like email logs, advanced filter options, and more.

Let’s get started and see the details of each dashboard one by one:

InboxWP dashboard: backend preview

Here’s an overview of the InboxWP dashboard.

You can find some options for generating your email reports here.

Such as:

  • Delivered emails: How many emails are being delivered to the recipient’s inbox
  • Hard bounce: The number of emails that don’t get into the recipient’s inbox is determined as a hard bounce.
  • Spam complaint: The number of emails marked as spam
Backend dashboard of WordPress transactional email solution - InboxWP

Under the quick overview section, you’ll find the email log for the last 30 days. You can see the number or ratio of emails sent each day. Also, delivered and bounced emails have a different color to help you find them easily in this report.

General insight of dashboard the WordPress transactional email service

You’ll get another visualization of the delivered and bounced WordPress transactional emails at a glance.

delivered and bounce rate

And lastly, you can filter your email logs according to day, week, and month.

daily, weekly, and monthly report

InboxWP dashboard: frontend preview

Along with the backend overview, you’ll also get an intuitive frontend overview. To get access to the frontend overview, click on “Dashboard of the InboxWP App”.

Dashboard of the InboxWP App

You’ll be heading to the InboxWP frontend dashboard. Here you’ll find your site’s details. Click on the button, and you’ll get the frontend dashboard view.

InboxWP frontend dashboard

The options are similar to what we showed in the backend overview.

frontend preview of the InboxWP

Apart from the common options we talked about, you’ll find a new option here: “view all logs.”. You’ll get the details of your “delivered WordPress transactional emails” here in this section.

All email logs of InboxWP

Click on it and get all the details about the transactional emails that you have sent as of now. 

All email logs of InboxWP

You can filter the logs in different ways. You can filter the email logs based on sent, queued, and processed emails. Also, you can select the email log time to see the specific time, like today, yesterday, or any particular time.

Filtering the InboxWP email log

So this is how you can utilize the InboxWP frontend dashboard overview section to get real-time data or insight about your WordPress transactional email logs.

We hope this documentation helps you learn how to find and configure the InboxWP dashboard. If you face any problems, feel free to share them with us through our support.