How to send WordPress transactional email with InboxWP

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How to send WordPress transactional email with InboxWP

A transactional email is an email that is sent as a result of a specific transaction. It could be any kind of email—an order confirmation, a shipping update, a password reset email, etc.—that is in response to an event.

And the good news is that InboxWP ensures WordPress transactional emails get delivered. It uses a smart email delivery system designed for WordPress websites. It also ensures emails get into the inbox instead of spam folders. 

Now let’s see how to send a transactional email to your preferred recipient with InboxWP. 

How to send a WordPress transactional email with InboxWP

Here, we will send the transactional email with WP Mail Catcher. 

InboxWP is compatible with any email-sending gateway. So if you’re using other email-sending gateways, it can easily send WordPress transactional emails.

Now click on the WP Mail Catcher. 

Sending a WordPress transactional email

Now click on the “new message” option. You need the recipient’s email address, subject line, attachments, and message here. 

How to send a WordPress transactional email

Once you’re done, click on the “send” message button. And you’ll get an email delivered by InboxWP. 

Here it’s!

Final preview of the recieved transactional email

So now you know how InboxWP works and helps send transactional emails quickly.

We hope this documentation helps you learn how to send WordPress transactional emails with InboxWP. If you face any problems, feel free to share them with us through our support.